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About Canify

Leaning deeply on both empathy and science, Canify AG is a licensed pharmaceutical company leveraging medical cannabis along the whole value chain.



Our products are based on scientific data, high-end technology, and an ambition to help patients. We offer cannabinoid-based medical solutions for patients and 3rd party collaborators, setting standards in terms of quality, production capacity, delivery time and clinical services.

Canify operates at the cutting edge of medical research, clinical application, and manufacturing excellence. We believe that everyone is unique, and that all patients deserve the best possible treatment, tailored to their needs. As a producer, we do our part by ensuring product quality of the highest standard according to European GACP and GMP guidelines, which means transparency and traceability from the grow room to the patient.

All From One Source

As one of the first pharmaceutical companies with a manufacturing licence for the unlimited importation, packaging, and market release of raw materials of cannabis in the European Union, we are partners to international producers in the development and supply of the rapidly growing German cannabis market.

Import and distribution site for medical cannabis in a former NATO bunker in Leipheim, Bavaria, Germany. (edited photo)



Through the certified and strictly monitored cultivation of cannabis, we can meet the extensive requirements for pharmaceuticals and medical devices to guarantee our customers the high quality of our products.

  • We aim for excellence, so we collaborate with excellent companies.
  • We are environmentally focussed, so we only import sustainable products.
  • We believe in transparency, so we bring all details to the table.

As required by law, the quality of our processes, work equipment and products are subject to regular monitoring by the responsible regulatory authority. Above and beyond the regulatory standards, it is a personal concern of ours to only offer high-quality medicines.

Market focus


Since March 2017, the sale of cannabis for medical purposes has been legal in Germany and is subject to the strict regulations of the Cannabis Agency of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, as well as the health authorities of the federal states. Since then, medical cannabis has been available in German pharmacies upon presentation of a prescription.

We always have the patient in focus. This means that their access to medical cannabis should not be limited by stocks not being available or shelf life expired. With our facilities in Bavaria, Germany, we can supply the German pharmacies and wholesalers with medical cannabis products.

Due to our in-house production, we are able to purchase raw materials of cannabis from approved manufacturers in large quantities, and package it as an active ingredient and/or medicine and market it in Europe with our own label or as a third-label product. We distribute our products to European pharmaceutical wholesalers as well as directly to pharmacies.

Our products can only be viewed by official pharmacies and only after successful validation. To do this, you must prove that you are listed in the Chamber of Physicians and Pharmacies and that you are an official pharmacy. Only then will you be able to access our online shop and order cannabis products.

GMP- and GDP-quality along the whole value chain.

Expert solutions across the supply chain


We offer tailored solution for your medical cannabis products. With us you can trust getting your project realized. To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality, we transformed a former NATO bunker into a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production. Having invested into a 3 year-certification process, this facility is now GDP and GMP qualified. During the ensuing 1.5 years, we have taken action to build the necessary operational experience in cannabis processing to offer you a full-service solution.

Depending on the client's needs, you can chose your service model ranging from boutique services or a full-service solution to facilitate your daily operations in your medical cannabis business. We are your partner along the entire value chain to distinguish yourself in the German market: supplier qualification, import, GMP processing, batch release, warehousing and distribution.

The entire process is managed at one place. The Canify process enables high throughput production in a state-of-the-art environment (clean room class D) with a dedicated and experienced team.Our service portfolio and regulatory setup supports you along your path from the initial idea to the first approved product in the shortest possible time.

With extensive regulatory and with all necessary permits to bring a cannabis product to the market, we are an ideal partner for all steps of production. With expert knowledge of EU-GMP guidelines, our utmost concern is to ensure the quality of your pharmaceutical products.

Your partner along the supply chain: from the idea to the market launch.

The fully automated production will be qualified this year.


Canify is a medical cannabis producer that will serve all major medical cannabis markets in Europe, such as UK, Germany, and other leading countries.

Our business model is vertically integrated into the value and supply chain which allows us to monitor and ensure the highest standard for all our products. We build the optimal product portfolio for patients with various needs.

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years, but the first active ingredients in the plant, THC and CBD, as well as their biological target system in the body, the endocannabinoid system, were discovered only decades ago. We are eager to be at the forefront, together with partners from academia and clinic, to elicit further secrets of this abundant medicinal plant, which will allow us to develop tailored formulations to treat different indications in the future.

Canify Pharma

About Canify Pharma

As a licensed pharmaceutical company with evidence-based know-how and the knowledge of the individuality of each medical history, we ensure optimized therapy with medical cannabis - from controlled cultivation to clinical application.

The Canify Quality

We are constantly working on our plan to enable targeted and optimized cannabis therapy for chronic patients. Because our motto is "further development" - for the well-being of the patients. With high-quality technologies, scientific principles and fully controlled processes - in our ever-expanding locations in Europe.

Canify Clinics

Patient care that's based on Science and Empathy

The modern-day reintegration of cannabinoids into the physicians’ therapeutic toolbox is still in its infancy. Prejudice, scepticism, and administrative complexity keep many doctors from using cannabis as a valid treatment option to improve the quality of life for chronically ill patients, who can´t find optimal relief or have too many adverse reactions from conventional medication. Patients, on the other hand, are often desperately seeking physicians who are knowledgeable regarding the therapeutic use of the various available cannabinoid medications. We decided to step in to help close the gap.

Canify Clinics, a European-based telemedicine company that operates strictly separate of Canify AG, will connect patients seeking relief with a community of independent local cooperating doctors who empathise with their unique needs. Our affiliated doctors benefit from medical cannabis specialist trainings, a vivid exchange of clinical expertise, access to modern digital health solutions and practical administrative support.

Canify Clinics does thereby not influence any therapeutic decisions such as the choice of suitable products but helps the affiliated doctors to focus on what is important – their patients.

News feed

Germany's plans to legalise the sales of cannabis

16. June 2022

In connection with the German government's plans to legalise the sales of cannabis, Danish media, Jyllands Posten, is again shedding light on Canify AG looking to become one of the leading European market leaders in the supply of high-quality medical products. Read more.

Merger of Canify A/S and Bavaria Weed GmbH

03. June 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Canify A/S took a big step forward and has merged with a German pharmaceutical company, Bavaria Weed GmbH - one of the first German pharmaceutical companies with a license for unlimited production, importation, and packaging of cannabis raw materials. Under the name Canify AG, the two merged companies will offer a fully integrated value chain to become one of the leading European market leaders in the supply of high-quality medical products.

Launch of Canify Clinics platform

10. May 2022

Canify Clinics helps the affiliated doctors to focus on what is important – their patients. The doctors benefit from medical cannabis specialist trainings, a vivid exchange of clinical expertise, access to modern digital health solutions and practical administrative support. However, the doctors are not influenced by the clinics regarding any therapeutic decisions, i.e., the choice of suitable products. The first collaborative practice is in Ludwigshafen and more locations are being established throughout Germany and Europe.

New year, new journey

14. January 2022

Canify is in the process of setting up an 8000 square metre cannabis factory in Give, Denmark, and construction will be completed stepwise througout the early summer this year.

Construction in progress

07. June 2021

We are currently working hard on the construction site in Give, and as you can see we are very excited about the ongoing process! Soon we can begin the next phase, which is interior design and commencement of extraction. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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Canify is approaching the finish line to operate as a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis products in Europe. We strive to improve patients’ quality of life. Today, we are building our passionate, experienced, and strongly focused team.

Are you an experienced professional with a relevant background, interested in the world of cannabinoid medicine? Are you perhaps already familiar with the medical cannabis industry but looking for a new challenge? Maybe you are a young talent, looking for an exciting start to your career?


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